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Are CBD Oils Good for Skin? How to Use Them for Different Skin Problems!

By December 20, 2018CBD Oil

CBD oils sood for skin– You might or might not have heard about the effects and benefits of CBD oil although it is well-marketed and has a reputable image when it comes to skincare. It is commonly sold as an anti-ageing, anti-stress for the skin. CBD is short for cannabidiol. A component that comes straight from the hemp or marijuana plants as an extract. Which will then be mixed with other oils like coconut, olive, avocado, and any other essential oil. To make it a serum-like tonic for the skin.

A common misconception of understanding the difference between CBD and hemp oil is that they both come from the same plant. Therefore, people assume them as an alternative to each other. However, hemp contains some extracts of cannabidiol, and CBD is enriched in the amount of cannabidiol on the whole.

Doctors often use CBD for pain and sleep relief. But the effects of it on the skin are non-deniable as well. People commonly get prescribed with CBD oils as an anti-acne agent and are often confused about its properties of getting high. However, to be clear, CBD does not contain the components of THC – tetrahydrocannabinol, which in simpler words, is responsible for marijuana’s mind-altering high properties—making it safe and sound to use only for medical reasons. Apart from skincare, many brands are dedicated explicitly for making the best CBD oil for anxiety and sleep as well.

Another thing essential to look for before buying any CBD related product is to look for the international nomenclature name for it. The procedure is called the international nomenclature name for cosmetic ingredients, also known as INCI. It is FDA regulated and to be at the safest; you can always ask the manufacturers to mention their specifications regarding the CBD products. Because a hemp oil, containing few properties of CBD, is not equivalent to the pure full-spectrum of CBD oil itself.

Moving on with the topic, here are a few ways in which CBD oil benefits the skin.

As An Anti-inflammatory for Acne-prone Skin

Acne sometimes invites mild or ridiculous inflammation. The redness and the blemishes you get through an acne breakout can get out of hands if not taken care of properly. In such cases, medical practitioners recommend something that will calm the effects of inflammation on the skin and make it smooth as much as possible. CBD oils contain a calm anti-inflammatory impact of their own. They are often, for that matter, used on acne-prone skin.  On the plus side, it also helps in reducing the oil production that happens on the surface, called the sebum. CBD oil reliefs the inflammation of the skin and reduces the redness caused by it as well.

Antioxidants for wrinkles and Aging Skin

CBD comes from hemp or marijuana plants. And because of that, it naturally contains an antioxidant effect. CBD oils, because of these factors, acts well as an anti-ageing serum. The inflammation that appears on skin establishes a home for the need of antioxidants. Which is why any antioxidant is useful for wrinkles. Specifically, CBD oil is not the only magical treatment for ageing skin. There can be any other antioxidant that can do the job too.

Soothing for Sensitive Skin

The soothing element of the CBD oil is not a surprise at all. Sensitive skins are always in need of something that can calm and soothe the reactivity. And because of their balancing and normalizing effect, CBD oils are perfect for sensitive, and even for all skin types as a soothing agent.

Keeping all the ways mentioned above in mind and even when it’s as easy to get pure full spectrum CBD oil for sale online, it is essential to know what exactly you’re buying it for because knowledge is power.


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